Third-Party Business

Leasing storage space

The storage tanks in Wilhelmshaven represent one part of NWO’s many
facilities. Connected to it, there are three storage cavern systems
operated by Nord-West Kavernengesellschaft (NWKG) in Rüstringen,
Wilhelmshaven, by Storag Etzel in Friedeburg (near Wittmund) and by
Salzgewinnungsgesellschaft Westfalen (SGW) in Epe.

During decades of working together with these companies, NWO has enjoyed a very successful working relationship. This is why, in co-operation with Storag Etzel, we are able to offer you their leasing terms for crude oil storage volume.
A further option we make available is to load tankers with crude oil at the tanker pier.

In addition NWO can offer interim storage volumes as required by third parties and make them available for short-term lease at our tank farm in Wilhelmshaven.

 Please call or email us if this information is of interest to you!

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