Environmental protection

Protecting what deserves protecting

For more than half a century, NWO has been operating its tanker pier, tank farm and long-range pipeline to Wesseling near Cologne. Because of the properties of the crude oil we transport we place great emphasis on preserving the cleanliness of land, water, and air, without detriment to other protected assets and resources. We consider close co-operation with the relevant authorities in each case an essential factor.

Comprehensive organisational measures and technical safety and control systems provide support in fulfilling both the requirements made by law and the high standards we set ourselves for the protection of people and the environment. For example all water that might be on the surface of the tanker pier or in the tank farm or at the pipeline pumping stations is collected and drained into a separation system. This prevents the entry of contaminated water. Wherever necessary there are watertight surplus liquid collection areas which can be drained using the separation system and which are regularly checked for stray liquids.

In order to prevent the spread of odours from the crude oil in the tank farm there is modern sealing apparatus installed in the floating tank roofs which also contributes to protection against fire and explosion.

Naturally any waste created on our premises is properly collected and duly disposed of as required by law. Should however any accident or fault occur despite all our preventive efforts (which, for the sake of brevity, are not listed in their entirety here), there is further necessary equipment and other means are available to hinder or at least minimise any interference with the safety of people and the environment. A company-wide alarm and emergency response management plan produced in co-operation with the authorities provides us with organised, well-structured damage control.


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