Safety and health protection

Safe together!

With this as our motto, the subject of occupational safety at NWO is evidently considered of paramount importance and is indeed taken very seriously. Occupational safety is very closely linked with health protection at this company. It is very much in the long-term interest of the company to protect its workforce, since healthy employees are more motivated and hence happier in their work.

Occupational safety and health protection mean much more here, however, than merely adhering to workplace safety regulations. We consider occupational safety and health protection a far-reaching and multifaceted subject that represents investment in a sustainable future for our company. It is important to analyse weak spots and possible risks, and to design and build ways to remove them.

Sustainable solutions are the most sensible way, solutions that function well in the normal working day and as such will not be seen by our workforce as just some routine troublesome chore.

Involving our employees and business partners in safety discussions and repeatedly focussing all our attention on the risks are two important factors in the raising of safety consciousness with respect to the work being done.


There is no job so important that it should ever be done without proper safety. Occupational safety and health protection is a subject that involves teamwork on the part of the whole company. Only when management and employees and partners all recognise that keeping the respective rules and regulations is actually good for their own health can our level of safety continue under its motto, “Safe together!”

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