Remote control center

Overseeing the facilities day and night

All NWO facilities are controlled and monitored centrally from Wilhelmshaven. In our remote control centre, which is staffed around the clock, we keep all our operations and the data produced by them under constant watch, from the tanker pier to the storage tanks in Wilhelmshaven and Ochtrup, and all the way along the pipelines to the pumping stations. The comprehensive safety systems that safeguard every part of our facilities are particularly closely monitored online at all times.

A computer system comprising state-of-the-art technology makes possible the immensely complex data processing, the remotely controlled operations performed at our facilities as well as the parameters controlling them and the visualisations that represent them. In this way measures can be taken and coordinated, and processes can be optimised from the centralised remote control room at any given time in case of faults.

The remote control centre is divided into two work areas: one area is responsible for controlling and monitoring when the oil is let into the facilities and stored in the tanks, while the other is responsible for transporting and delivering the oil by means of the pipeline and the pumping stations connected to it.

The central remote control room allows crude oil arriving from the tanker pier to fill the tanks, or quantities of it to be rerouted to mix with various grades of crude oil and feedstock in other tanks, or to be sent on its way to Cologne or Hamburg in the pipelines: all this is achieved by means of the positions of a huge array of shut-off valves.

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