Challenges guaranteed

NWO is well aware of the fact that the success of our company is based on the expertise and motivation of our employees. It is they who cope with the various day-to-day tasks together professionally and reliably. This is why appreciation for our employees and the standard of service they deliver on our behalf is of prime importance to us.

In order to retain this high degree of competence within the company as long as possible, and so expand the possibilities available to our employees, and also so that we can safeguard permanently accident-free operations for a long time to come, we invest continuously in training and advancement programmes. Lifelong learning is an integral part of our policy that makes us sure to be able to manage future challenges.

A career with NWO means working independently in a medium-sized company with a personality of its own, constantly challenging in new ways, with a wide variety of assignments, integrated into a positive working environment that aims for continuity.






Operation in the year

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