Conserving transparency

A company should avoid just conducting its business to then quietly
forget the outside world. A solid reputation and absolute reliability
are always dependent on some good public relations work.

We at NWO are fully aware of this fact and that is why we place a great
deal of value on PR that makes and indeed keeps our work accessible to
the public. It is our goal to make freely available information about
what we do, explaining our various operations and doing everything to
increase our trustworthiness. We do not avoid sensitive or complex
subjects either, because there is nothing that would destroy our
credibility faster than incomplete — not to mention false — information.

We work along clear guidelines here, and especially so in our co-operation with the media. All levels of the media are represented and informed on an equal basis. There is no media outlet that we at NWO consider the “last to know”. All press departments receive their information simultaneously, and what is more, all receive the exact same information.

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